Thursday, August 7, 2008

very unique, designer-queen size bed frame

This is a very unique gueen size bed frame.
Giraffe print material on headboard and footboard,
all four corners have a large, iron curly-Q decorative piece.
This frame converts to a queen or full size mattress, but looks best with a queen size.
I bought this bed from an interior decorator, it was designed for her daughter's room.
These photos do not show this bed off well, my daughter decorated her room very buisy at the time these were taken.
There is a gold moon and sun hanging off of the corners when the photos were taken, these are NOT a part of the frame. There are roses drapped on top of the headboard, these too are not attached to the frame. There is a quilt on the footboard of these photos also. If you can look past all of the buisiness of the room, you will see a great bed that can really transform a room.

This is truly amazing. I think we found Jean(ne) Bice's love nest! Quick, get me the interior decorator's number!