Sunday, June 29, 2008

Covered Wagon Bed - $350

This is such a cool bed, It takes you back in time to the old west, with Gas prices the way they are maybe everyone needs one !!! lol : ) its a covered Wagon full sized twin bed its completely covered, has a Flap on the side and is open on the ends just like a real Wagon. Kids love this bed!! Everything is in perfect condition!! This is a very unique item and hard to find!!! it is Very Clean and it does breakdown to move. The top does come off ( so you can wash it or move it) but has metal peices holding the cover on which also come off, the wheels are made of heavy metal( iron) it has a step on the side made of the same metal,
Real/Serious inquiries only! No cashiers checks no money wires, No Scammers
as far as shipping this is a pickup item only, This is a very heavy bed and well made, worth alot more than I am asking
Thanx for Looking have a great day!!

Gee, with gas prices so high these days, wouldn't it be great if we could just hitch this sucker to that horse you got in that photo and ride it on home? Lol!!! :)

CL post submitted by: Cindy Hill