Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Very Nice Blue Chair -- $60 (or best offer)

Very nice blue chair. Only have one to sell.

Nostalgia does not good furniture make, but I have to admit that I am on the border about this find. The whole set up reminds me of some family's romper room that I played in when I was just a knee high rugrat, and there's something comforting about that. Wood paneling, Colonial wallpaper and that plush blue chair just kinda look like a room in some old grandparent's house that I'd wanna eat cookies in. It also kinda looks like a chair I'd find in 70% of my friend's houses in the Bay Area. Vintage finds that maybe don't look so great on their own, but could work in the right room. Yeah, it's not chic, but it's ok 'cuz grandma's bringing cookies and it's almost nap time.

CL post submitted by: Donna Lethal