Friday, May 30, 2008

Sofa and Dinning Table For Sale - $1200

You are looking at a full sectional sofa set, a matching dining room table with four colorful chairs, and a unique mirror. I bought the whole set 5 years ago in south Florida at an Art Deco Furniture store. I bought the set together for my third vacation home that I used once or twice a year. There is very little use on the sofa and chairs. Virtually no wear at All. About 2.5 years ago I sold my home and had the furniture sent to Illinois where I live. I had it in storage since. There is a small scuff mark on the arm of the sofa from shipping. The sofa and chairs look brand new.

The sofa is cobalt blue velvet/velour fabric and the cushions have mixed colors including yellow, red, blue, black and green. The table base is acrylic and it’s purple with black design. The table has glass top that I could not photo because of glare and has no scratches. The mirror is acrylic and has yellow, blue, red and silver.

This is a very nice setup for someone who wants to stand out. You will be very happy with the set.

5 years ago??? Art deco??? Ohh... South Florida.

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