Friday, May 30, 2008

Broyhill Vintage World 15th-16th C. Artisan Inspired Bedroom Set King - $2500

Vintage World by Broyhill is an elegant collection inspired by the antique designs of the 15th and 16th century artisans of southern Europe. Each Vintage World piece has the appearance of true time-worn old world antique- on that has been lovingly cared for to preserve its character and beauty. This exotic antique appearance is achieved through the use of exotic and hardwood solids enhanced through the use of many fancy face veneers. To make each piece unique and authentic, edges are rasped and gouged, corners are sanded and rounded, and overall surfaces are burnished and distressed with similar wormholes.
This furniture is less than a year old and cost close to 5K new. It was purchased at Fortino's in Hollister, CA and was set up by them last August. It has not been moved. The bed is a KING side headboard and footboard with side rail.(mattresses not included.) The 2 nightstands are extra large and hold quite a bit. Each has a top drawer and a storage shelf inside. The dresser is higher than most, and has lots of drawers. The drawers are well made and all work really well. There is also a huge mirror for the dresser that we haven't even taken out of the box- (Not pictured). This mirror IS included in this set. This furniture is in NEW condition with no flaws of any kind. It has been lovingly cared for and taken care of in the short time we've had it. I still have the tags. Sadly we purchased a home this set will not fit in, so we have to let it go. This furniture is solid wood and is very well made. There are still some vintage world matching pieces available on the broyhill site. You can get an idea of the $$$ cost as well. More pictures or exact dimensions are available if needed. Buyer to dissassemble and move all pieces downstairs. Pieces are heavy, Mirror is still in original Box and is as wide and almost as tall as the dresser itself. Paypal or cash only, pick up only.

Did this person used to write copy for Broyhill or what? As much as I hate faux antique (My wormhole doesn't need to be rasped, gouged or burnished, thank you), this bedroom set is pretty impressive in its massive tackiness. Although its power is definitely offset by the outdated television on the dresser. I know this furniture is supposed to be Old World and all, but that tv is from A Different World era.

But overall, it's the sorta bedroom that would inspire an album title, something like the Ohsee's "The Master's Bedroom is Worth Spending a Night In."

Cl post submitted by: Kathy Ramsey