Friday, May 30, 2008

Broyhill Vintage World 15th-16th C. Artisan Inspired Bedroom Set King - $2500

Vintage World by Broyhill is an elegant collection inspired by the antique designs of the 15th and 16th century artisans of southern Europe. Each Vintage World piece has the appearance of true time-worn old world antique- on that has been lovingly cared for to preserve its character and beauty. This exotic antique appearance is achieved through the use of exotic and hardwood solids enhanced through the use of many fancy face veneers. To make each piece unique and authentic, edges are rasped and gouged, corners are sanded and rounded, and overall surfaces are burnished and distressed with similar wormholes.
This furniture is less than a year old and cost close to 5K new. It was purchased at Fortino's in Hollister, CA and was set up by them last August. It has not been moved. The bed is a KING side headboard and footboard with side rail.(mattresses not included.) The 2 nightstands are extra large and hold quite a bit. Each has a top drawer and a storage shelf inside. The dresser is higher than most, and has lots of drawers. The drawers are well made and all work really well. There is also a huge mirror for the dresser that we haven't even taken out of the box- (Not pictured). This mirror IS included in this set. This furniture is in NEW condition with no flaws of any kind. It has been lovingly cared for and taken care of in the short time we've had it. I still have the tags. Sadly we purchased a home this set will not fit in, so we have to let it go. This furniture is solid wood and is very well made. There are still some vintage world matching pieces available on the broyhill site. You can get an idea of the $$$ cost as well. More pictures or exact dimensions are available if needed. Buyer to dissassemble and move all pieces downstairs. Pieces are heavy, Mirror is still in original Box and is as wide and almost as tall as the dresser itself. Paypal or cash only, pick up only.

Did this person used to write copy for Broyhill or what? As much as I hate faux antique (My wormhole doesn't need to be rasped, gouged or burnished, thank you), this bedroom set is pretty impressive in its massive tackiness. Although its power is definitely offset by the outdated television on the dresser. I know this furniture is supposed to be Old World and all, but that tv is from A Different World era.

But overall, it's the sorta bedroom that would inspire an album title, something like the Ohsee's "The Master's Bedroom is Worth Spending a Night In."

Cl post submitted by: Kathy Ramsey

Sofa and Dinning Table For Sale - $1200

You are looking at a full sectional sofa set, a matching dining room table with four colorful chairs, and a unique mirror. I bought the whole set 5 years ago in south Florida at an Art Deco Furniture store. I bought the set together for my third vacation home that I used once or twice a year. There is very little use on the sofa and chairs. Virtually no wear at All. About 2.5 years ago I sold my home and had the furniture sent to Illinois where I live. I had it in storage since. There is a small scuff mark on the arm of the sofa from shipping. The sofa and chairs look brand new.

The sofa is cobalt blue velvet/velour fabric and the cushions have mixed colors including yellow, red, blue, black and green. The table base is acrylic and it’s purple with black design. The table has glass top that I could not photo because of glare and has no scratches. The mirror is acrylic and has yellow, blue, red and silver.

This is a very nice setup for someone who wants to stand out. You will be very happy with the set.

5 years ago??? Art deco??? Ohh... South Florida.

CL post submitted by: princesssteph522

Brass Bed w Painted Ceramic Balls Retro - Queen Size - Mint ! - $375

This Brass Bed has Painted Ceramic Balls. It is Queen Size and in Perfect condition.

I can send you a much nicer picture if you are interested.

This bed sold for almost $2000.00 over 15 years ago.

Thank you for reading about my offer.

Are you sure this isn't a still from some Argento movie? Or perhaps a near relation to the Death Bed (The Bed That Eats).

CL post submitted by: cortny_marie

Dining Set Free

Beautiful Casino style Dining Table made with mirror and 6 cushioned chairs.
Table is sort of heavy.

Take it for free. Bring truck and people to haul it.

You need a really great pantsuit to own this dining set. So awesomely gross.

p.s., by the time I posted this, it was given away to some lucky person on Craigslist.

CL post submitted by: Tricia Kelly

Thomasville Sofa, reupholstered in black/peach print. 96" long, 3 cushions and 2 throw pillows. Good condition.

I love the fact that this couch was reupholstered in this fabric. That black has a sheen, doesn't it? It actually looks like something Chris March from Project Runway would try to pull off if he were working for Thomasville. Good for the 80s drag show, best off the sofa.

CL post submitted by: cortny_marie

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bathroom Medicine Cabinet ---Vanity --- Custom Made - $180

Cash only
You pick up
Custom Made
Unique Addition to any Bathroom

Calling this a "vanity" just goes against every definition of the word.

CL post submitted by: cortny_marie

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sofa Couch - $150

Small Sofa Couch from Peir One Imports. Blue Denim material. $150.00 or best offer

I've said it before, I'll say it again, just say no to denim furniture! Puffy denim is not flattering for anyone. I'd like to say that this thing should be dumped off Pier 1, but the sea denizens have better taste than that (also I do not condone dumping furniture). Maybe the old owner could make a family set of denim cut offs for the upcoming Summer season.



Just shoot me.

Very Nice Blue Chair -- $60 (or best offer)

Very nice blue chair. Only have one to sell.

Nostalgia does not good furniture make, but I have to admit that I am on the border about this find. The whole set up reminds me of some family's romper room that I played in when I was just a knee high rugrat, and there's something comforting about that. Wood paneling, Colonial wallpaper and that plush blue chair just kinda look like a room in some old grandparent's house that I'd wanna eat cookies in. It also kinda looks like a chair I'd find in 70% of my friend's houses in the Bay Area. Vintage finds that maybe don't look so great on their own, but could work in the right room. Yeah, it's not chic, but it's ok 'cuz grandma's bringing cookies and it's almost nap time.

CL post submitted by: Donna Lethal

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Leather Sofa - $100

Natuzzi leather sofa with 3 matching pillows. No tears. Mauve color.

Looks like someone made this out of 500 chewed packages of original flavor Big League Chew.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

FUN WALL ART - Trio set of Martini pictures - $35

I have three pieces of art - All are wood mounted - Martini glasses in bright colors - backed by different card suits. Red background is hearts. Blue background is clubs and purple is spades. Never had one with diamonds. Each piece is 11" x 14" $35 for all three! Cash Only please!

Artists: B. Ed, B. Ath and B. Ond

CL post submitted by: Donna Lethal

Free Couch!!

Free couch! Really comfortable just needs cleaning!

Free scabies and homeless man urine included!

CL post submitted by: cortny_marie

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dog lamp-cute - $25

See picture-cost 65. sell for 25. cute dog, like a lab climbing out of a basket. yes, it works. uses 1 bulb. looks great with a 40watt.

As ugly as this lamp is I really wish that the CL seller got a better close-up of this thinger cuz I'm scratching my head about what's going on in front of the basket. Is that a rifle in front of the basket? What's that other junk in front there? I'm so confused that I have nothing to say except that I wish I could see it in person. Someone in NJ shell out the $25 and tell me what the hell is going on at the base of that dog lamp!

Wolf touch light - $25

This lamp works by touch, it has 3 different stages of lighting- dim, medium, and bright. Wolf design is unique! Silver finish. Perfect condition. picture taken with lamp on & off.

Never cry wolf,
but wolf makes me cry.

Excellent deals: Must go Memorial Day Wknd - $100

Dark blue futon with wooden frame. Queen size. Great condition. Must sell Memorial Day weekend. Originally $300. We're replacing the futon with a double bed and cannot use it anywhere else. Great for a rec room or den. $100.

Queen sofa--comes with slip cover. Used but great for a playroom. Queen sleeper. $100.

Oversized Chair--Very comfy. Comes with pillows and ottoman. $100.

Relax? In this room? This is how this room makes me feel.

Charming Vintage Mirror - $15

This lovely vintage mirror could hang above a dresser or in a foyer. The top has beautiful detail and the sides are scalloped. It could be painted any color to match decor.

email for info

Dear seller of charming vintage mirror,

Your jail cell has such a lovely view. Please let me know when you're on parole. I'd love to buy this mirror.


Double Globe Rose lamp w/ marble base - $30

This older lamp {40 years} is in PERFECT condition. No chips, cracks, ect. It has a scalloped top and flowers engraved in glass. Very unique.

email w/ questions

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Very Beautiful & Elegant Shoe Chair in Black with Cheeta Print - $45

This chair is Comfortable and is in very good condition. CASH ONLY.
A shoe in for ugliest submission of the week. So far.

CL post submitted by princesssteph522

Classy Patterned Sofa and Love Seat - Well Built - $350

Burgundy and Tan patterned love seat and sofa (couch, if you prefer). Very little use in formal living room. Cushions still square and stiff. Comfortable for entertaining or just hanging out.

We're downsizing, so we need to sell some of our furniture that won't fit in the style or rooms in the new place. Our loss is your gain!

$350 is a great deal for both pieces, originally $780. Clean, solid, well built furniture.
Non-smoking home.

As classy as Jeanne Bice and her Jesus loving Quacker Factory collection.

CL post submitted by: princesssteph522

cow print club chair - $150; chaise cow hide black and white hair on must see designer - $925

this is a cool cow print chair

this is a designer chaise from californiaa was 3500.00 really unique

Knock knock?

Who's there?

The interrupting cow.

The interrupting cow wh...?

The interrupting cow who died and left its corpse in your living room.

Just as the interrupting cow joke is not funny, these offensive cow print furniture pieces are not cool or unique enough for the $925 asking price. Put them out to pasture, please!

CL posts submitted by: princesssteph522

Sunday, May 18, 2008

southwest couch and chair set end tables& wall dercorations - $500

need to go. i am remodeling my house and i have a beautiful love seat, big couch, & chair with automin that needs to go with two end tables and a bigger version of the two end tables.
i am asking 550 for it all or best offer.
i also have wall hangings and pictures to match the set.

minor flaw.
we have a small rip in one coushion can be fixed by flipping the coushin over
looks brand new!=)

i have more pictures just e-mail me and i can send the rest. unfortunatly they do not all fit on this page.

keywords:couch,love seat,chair,t.v.,pictures,table,end table,refridgerator,microwave,decorations

Remember the Alamo, but forget Southwestern themed decor. What is going on with that crazy hot pink lined fur rug?!

3-2 Sofa Set - $100 OBO

3-2 Sofa set with 2 side tables (gold trim on sides) and center table. Good condition. Moving sale - $100 OBO.

This sofa reminds me of Bret Michaels (as seen on Rock of Love). Cheap, totally cheesy, excessively gaudy and something best suited for a hooker, but with an undeniably soft squishy side too.

CL post submitted by: Goudakat

Eclectic Antique Wooden Mantel - $2500

Eclectic Antique Wooden Mantel. We are asking $2,500.00 OBO. It is the mantel shelf and the surround. It is dark wood and has unusual faces on it. The clock does not work. We think it may be Dutch.

Ick-ory dick-ory dock
Who is selling this clock?
Your asking price is bunk
for this piece of junk
Ick-ory dick-ory dock

CL post submitted by: goudakat

Friday, May 16, 2008

Route 66 Couch - $200

Route 66 hide-a-bed couch. Like new condition. Includes two matching throw pillows. Great for theme room.

I don't care how many kicks you got on Route 66, you just do not buy a couch about it.

CL post submitted by: Hillary Oxley

2 wagons lamps - $100

I Have 2 lamps 4 sale i dont have any use for them if u really interested please let me know price is negotible.

Let's hope these two lamps gets dysentary or cholera and die on the Oregon Lamp Trail before they get to their next destination.

CL post submitted by: Hillary Oxley