Thursday, April 3, 2008

!!!!!!NEW Duraplush MOCHA Modern Upholstery SIGNATURE DESIGN!!!!!!!!

"With a refreshing contemporary design and a combination of two upholstery fabrics, the rich beauty of the "Duraplush™-Mocha" upholstery collection shines with a style all its own. The soft Duraplush™ fabric fits beautifully with the Durahide leather-like upholstery creating a unique look and feel that fits into any home. With plush rolled arms and a pillow back design, the "Duraplush™-Mocha" upholstery collection provides the comfort that will create a relaxing environment within any living area."

You know what offends me most about this posting? It's not the use of both CAPS and multiple exclamation points in the posting title. It's not the words and phrases like "refreshing" and "shines with a style all its own." It's not even those ugly-ass dark leather-like rolled arms. It's the audacity of this particular Craigslist poster who decided it was perfectly okay to use the soft-focus Glamour Shots® effect on these photos. Your sofa set isn't a Barbizon model. Save that effect for your yearbook or boudoir photos and leave it for the professionals at your local Olan Mills Portrait Studio or better yet, my favorite S.F.-based photography studio, Dore Studio. Makes me wish I had a Quinceanera!