Monday, April 7, 2008

***Examination Table for Doctor Medical Office***


Examination table in great condition! Has fully functioning drawers, stirrups, and pull out foot rest. Has been well taken care of over the years. It is the same brand and color examination table found in the movie "Forest Gump" (at the beginning when he is a boy going to the doctor)

Cash Only Please

Reyhan sent me a Craigslist post for a a complete Hosptial Bed for sale with control, mattres, foot and head board and side rails, but since it didn't have a photo, I found this alternate.
This post is creepy for a variety of reasons. Mainly I think I hate it because it references "Forrest Gump." Even if referencing the young Gump and not the older Hanks Gump, it still makes me shudder. Who would really care that this medical examination table is of the same make and color as the one found in "Forrest Gump," but a real weirdo?
But the mention of functional stirrups brings a whole other yuck factor to this posting. I just don't want to know what the previous owner, a Gump fan nonetheless, did on and with this table, great condition or not.