Wednesday, April 30, 2008

60's eames style sofa / loveseat / daybed w/ottoman - $175

This is a very cool leopard print sofa / loveseat / daybed from the 1960's with a full length adjustable ottoman. It is still in original condition. The sofa and ottoman lay down flat into a bed, or the sofa reclines into several different positions. It is truly a unique piece with stylish lines. It would go with any mid-century modern, eames era decor.
Measurements are: 50"W and over 6 ft long when laying flat.

keywords: wegner herman miller saarinen knoll panton kagan 60s 1960s sixties funky vintage retro

From the little known Eames jungle collection.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

rock/stone sofa table - $40

white stone sofa table

Yabba dabba don't.

CL post submitted by: Chanelle Hardy

7 " SOFA by Stetson Great colors/fabrics SUPER COMFY! - $1200

This is a custom made sofa that I bought in High Point , NC a few years ago. It was for a different home and the colors no longer go with our new modern home. The sofa is in great shape and is amazingly comfortable. It can double as a single bed too if you take the throw pillows off of it.
It is filled with rich deep shades fo green, auburn, blacks, tans and gold...
BEAUTIFUL! We are a non smoking home - so this comes free of weird odors or other strange smells! This couch retailed for $3,200.00!
Down Filled pillows...sturdy wood construction...beautifully made piece!
Thanks for looking.

This couch has a serious identity crisis. It looks like a Radisson couch went to Burning Man and had a baby with Madame Butterfly. Somehow it seems like this couch should come replete with weird odors and other strange smells. Barfy.

CL post submitted by: Stephanie

Monday, April 28, 2008

Curio Entertainment Cabinet - $65

This thing kinda reminds me of Mr. Peanut wearing spectacles (not a monocle).

CL post submitted by: Hans111




I want to know what possessed you to have this sofa made.

CL post submitted by: princesssteph522

Sunday, April 27, 2008


I had this furniture for 7 months, (bought new)

i have no more use for them i am leaving town.
this is a 3 peice sofa,love seat,and chair in very good condition.
it is orange and tan leather,(very nice)
call if you are interested,they need to go asap..702-876-4359

Very metro, indeed, if the metro is a suggestion for how to transport this thing out to the dump.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Outdoor/Indoor Vintage 1950's Wrought Iron Sofa, Arm Chair and Ottoman - $150

Spectacular indoor/outdoor wrought iron set of a sofa, arm chair and ottoman. All in good condition with normal ware. The cushions need some cleaning or you may wish to recover them. Currently, the cushions are in a 1950's gold, white and avocado green oil cloth. The set is very heavy duty and the couch converts into a day bed.

Chair and ottoman not shown as they are in storage.

Dead people not included.

CL post submitted by: Johnny Paws

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Queen Size Bed Room Set - $500

Queen bed cherry wood color 5 piece bedroom set 2 in table,dresser,head board and mattresses for sale please call me if you have any questions

This set would go great with my Patrick Nagel poster set from Prints Plus.

Moving sale

Don't really know why this got flagged but I am a real person, really selling my furniture, that I really own. I am not a scammer but I do have the ability, and the right to link to my own site.

I am human and I need to be loved just like everybody else does... despite my horrible furniture.


Moving out of state. Must Sell! Beautiful Floor Lamp. $50


Wednesday, April 23, 2008


This 3 seater leather sofa is distressed for a more rustic look or decor. Cushions are removable for ease of cleaning the frame is in great condition. I have close up shots so you can see the condition of the leather. The distress of the leather is intentional, I wanted it to resemble turquoise stone. If you don't like the distressed look you can have the leather colour matched at a leather retailer in do it yourself spray form. Dimensions are 89"W x 40"D x 29"H.
$150 OR BEST OFFER takes it,I need space.

If interested please reply.Thanks

Nothing says rustic like distressed turquoise.

CL post submitted by: ascian

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

2 piece sofa set only for 250$ - $250

Now I know what Paula meant when she said something had "Vibeology." That thing is in a funky way.

CL post submitted by: ascian

Hand-carved Wood Divider -$300

Gorgeous solid wood hand-carved divider
with moon and sun designs...
Appraised at about $650

Giving away for $300
Cash only or I can process your credit card when you arrive.
($5 processing fee added)

Used only lightly at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire.

CL post submitted by: goudakat


$900 or Best Offer takes her. LIFE-SIZE BRONZE STATUE of a nude young woman " a rare find " she can be used as a coffee table if you place an oval table glass in her hands. Bronze sculpting involves making an original terracotta, plaster or wax model over an armature. From this a silicon rubber mould is made, forming a negative of the original. From the mould a hollow wax positive is cast. To this a series of wax runners and risers are fitted, these allow the molten bronze to flow in and the gases to come out. Once the wax is‘sprued up’ it is coated inside and out with ceramic liquid which is built up in layers to form a strong heat resistant shell around the wax.
This is then baked upside down in an oven allowing the wax to melt out, hence the term ‘Cirdu perdue or lost wax’. Into the space left by the wax, molten bronze is poured at a temperature of 1200’c. Silver,
When the bronze has cooled the ceramic shell is chipped away and the sprues cut off. To remove the ceramic from the surface detail the bronze is placed in acid, which eats away the silica in the ceramic.
If the bronze has been cast in several pieces it is now welded together and chased. This is a highly skilled process recreating any surface detail.Best offer takes it Might deliver depending on location.

Not completely sure, but this was either another item removed from the carbonite fridge of Darth Vader or from the "crib" of Stephan Jenkins.

CL post submitted by: ascian


But where did they find those huge Vienna Sausages to make this sofa?

CL post submitted by: Laura Schneider

Monday, April 21, 2008

LOVESEAT, off white UPHOLSTERY- might deliver locally - $120

Solid construction, timeless style, comfortable 2 seater loveseat, complete with 3 pillows
62" long, 36" deep, rolled arms, t-cushions
serves beautifully as a couch in San Francisco sized apartments
for a change of decor we sometimes dressed it in French tuile homemade slipcovers(included)as shown in the picture

The loveseat is priced at $120, price is negotiable, cash only please

Sacre blech!

CL post submitted by Reyhan


These great chairs are in better than excellent condition! As a plus, they are very comfortable. They would add pizazzz to any room or office.

Arsenio called. He wants his chairs back.

CL post submitted by: hans111

Cleaning out - REDUCED - even more

Crazy women's form floor lamp, works great, boa and lamp shade included - $25 obo

The perfect matching piece for the "Christmas Story" leg lamp. Or a good gift for the Real Lady Marmalade.

CL post submitted by: Hillary Oxley

Antique Commode Chair - $40

Here we have a nice chair for a comode damage free smoke free home. The chair has a back door so you may put a chamber pot of your choice.

I shit you not.

CL post submitted by: Alexandra Kostalas

Sunday, April 20, 2008

beautiful sofa excellent condition - $300

beautiful sofa - very well maintained/superb condition - no stains/marks/tears. fabric and microfibre material, comes with 3
pillows (microfibre). Item is located in Markham (16th and 404). $300 obo

I've been sitting here staring at my computer trying to think of something to say about this thing, and I am at a loss for words. All I can focus on is that really strange bolster pillow at the top of the chaise. It's like a car head rest. Why, oh why, is that pillow there? It is truly a mystery.

CL post submitted by: Kim MacPherson

Panther Glass Coffee Table - $100

What happened to Panthro's body after he died. May he rest in peace.

CL post submitted by: ascian

coffee table - $60

all mirror coffee tabel
nice goes with a bigger one that is broke if you want that one to will give you both for 60.00

I'm sure these tables, especially the broken one, had seen some good times in the '80s.

CL post submitted by: Darcy Ruesch

Art Coffee Table - $30

Awesome art coffee table. says "I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul"

Even Dr. Phil would agree with me in saying that it's worrisome if you need a coffee table to give you affirmation of your inner-strength. It's also worrisome if this table matches the rest of your home decor. I think I saw this coffee table as a prop in one of the Street Fighter video games.

CL post submitted by: Darcy Ruesch

Friday, April 18, 2008

Beautiful Furniture Set - $500

Beautiful Couch, Loveseat, Chair and Ottoman. Pillow Backs, Perfect Condition. Recently professionally cleaned. We never even sit on it.

Thank you for being a friend, traveled down the road and back again. Your heart is true, you're a pal and a confidant. And if you threw a party, inviting everyone you knew, you would see...


Picture it: Blanche, Rose, Sophia and Dorothy wouldn't even want your couch. Not even for out back on the lanai. Stanley... he might take it.

CL post submitted by: Nicole Welch

Want Attention? Absolutely Beautiful. Will Stand out and get "WOW"

This is one of a kind, no one else can ever have such a nice specimen.

Absolutely Beautiful. Will Stand out and will get everyones attention. - $385

"3 Ft High, 1-1/2 Ft wide Base. One of a Kind Chinese Root Lamp, weighs about 75 lbs"

Absolutely Beautiful. No Shade Available.

Person on street looking into window: WOW! That thing is absolutely beautiful!

Lamp owner: Thanks.

Person on street: How much you selling it for? I'd love a poo lamp for my own house. Let me repeat, that thing is absolutely beautiful!

Lamp owner: Yeah thanks, but it's actually a one of a kind Chinese root lamp. Yeah, you heard me, I said "one of a kind." No one else can ever have such a nice specimen, so keep moving, buddy.

Person on street: Sheesh, just asking. I just couldn't help myself. It is absolutely beautiful!

CL post submitted by: Hillary Oxley

Bristlecone pine - bed, chair and assorted tables

Rare and beautiful functional art pieces, including a queen size bed, three
end tables with circular glass tops, and chair. Bristlecone pine is a dense wood,sandblasted to reveal the natural beauty of the natural wood and NO chemical processes or finishes
ever applied. Please research. Will gladly discuss on telephone.
This price is only the bed. Tables and the chair additional.
You must see to appreciate.

Will break up set if necessary. Please make a reasonable offer.

Cast-offs from Bilbo Baggins' Bag End estate sale.

CL post submitted by: Krystal H.