Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Brown Overstuffed Chair - $25

Large Brown Overstuffed Chair. Great for apartment or cabin. Chair does have a tear in fabric on one side.

I'm not exactly sure why, but this chair reminds me of Tom Bosley.

CL post submitted by: Kris B

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Black Pot Belly Stove Lamp - $35

Unique pot belly stove lamp. Great conversation piece.

In this case especially, I don't think it's a good idea to let your furniture speak for you when you've got nothing interesting or unique to say.

CL post submitted by: cortny_marie

funky/funny ottoman $5

This is an ottoman/"foot" stool. It was made out of a pair of my old cowboy boots. I think it's funny, but my wife does not, so I'm selling it.

Check out the pics!

Only you can prevent human poaching.

CL post submitted by: Alexandra Kostalas

Monday, August 18, 2008

Large Vintage Wall Fan - $10

Vintage fan.

Where the hell was this photo taken? It looks like the fan is being held ransom in some dirty, dank garage.

CL post submitted by: cortny_marie



The only throne that should be in a house these days should be made of white, gleaming porcelain.

CL post submitted by: Donna Lethal

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Corner TV stand - $70

I built this entertainment center a while back and have since changed my living room. It's made of 3/4 birch plywood. 52" at its widest point, 30" high. Has cut outs for a center speaker 18.5"w x 6"h and component stack 18.5"w x 18"h. It's raw wood now. All it needs is a coat of paint.

Are you sure this is an entertainment center and not a military bunker?

CL post submitted by: N Wilson

very unique, designer-queen size bed frame

This is a very unique gueen size bed frame.
Giraffe print material on headboard and footboard,
all four corners have a large, iron curly-Q decorative piece.
This frame converts to a queen or full size mattress, but looks best with a queen size.
I bought this bed from an interior decorator, it was designed for her daughter's room.
These photos do not show this bed off well, my daughter decorated her room very buisy at the time these were taken.
There is a gold moon and sun hanging off of the corners when the photos were taken, these are NOT a part of the frame. There are roses drapped on top of the headboard, these too are not attached to the frame. There is a quilt on the footboard of these photos also. If you can look past all of the buisiness of the room, you will see a great bed that can really transform a room.

This is truly amazing. I think we found Jean(ne) Bice's love nest! Quick, get me the interior decorator's number!

cedar log beds and more

cedar log beds hand crafted queens in stock second bed 100.00 more different peice of funiture each sold seperate or together

I said "rustic," not "busted!"

Large Comfy Couch! - $125

Nice large couch. There are a million different styles out there. The key question is, does this couch with a nice pattern in dark colors appeal to you?

I always loved it and found it comfortable. My mother who bought it, must have liked it too!

It has some wear, but is going at a great price!

I'm not going to say anything bad about this couch or this posting. Why? Because it just makes me smile.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

V-Rocker Gaming Chair - Navy Vinyl = NEW - $30

NEW V-Rocker Gaming Chair - Navy Vinyl. Bought New, Never Used

Why do video game chairs look so dorky? Navy vinyl, folks, navy vinyl. It actually looks like a crappy exercise chair that someone like Tony Little would sell on an infomercial.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bamboo lighted etegare w/ 4 glass shelves - $200

Blond bamboo etegare with a light at the top. It's app. 7ft high by 18" deep and about 36" wide. There are 4 glass shelves.
Wow, this is the etagere that I imagined I'd own one day, that is... when I was 10 years old. Picture it: A photo of my fave crush in a heart shaped metal frame, other frames filled with photos of me and my gal pals hanging out, Loves Baby Soft, long lacey cut-off gloves, miles of pearls on strings and ribbons of all colors, textures and lengths, a dried single rose...
Glad to see someone's living my dream, 20 years later.

Custom Made Living Room Set - $800

Made of bull horns and bull fur.

These bulls died for your sins. Are you happy now?

CL post submitted by: Sprattacus

Monday, July 14, 2008

55 gallon saltwater fish tank bed - $1700

This is s custom made queen size platform bed with a 55 gallon saltwater fish tank in the headboard. It is a one of a kind piece of furniture that would be an excellent conversation piece for any aquarium enthusiast. The bed and headboard are made from high grade red oak with an attractive red oak stain. The ornate headboard has a lid that easily lifts for simple access to the aquarium. Included in the package is a queen size platform bed, headboard, 55 gallon saltwater fish tank, lighting hood with lights, Rena power filter, protein skimmer, power head, titanium heater, moon lights, sand, live rock, Niger trigger, yellow tang, chocolate chip starfish, snails, and all necessary cleaning equipment. **mattress not included

Hey baby, wanna come into my bedroom and see my yellow tang?

CL post submitted by: karen smyth

Thursday, July 10, 2008


To anyone interested in reading this story or accepting my scary cat: I’m a normal girl who just celebrated my 29th birthday. I’m a classical violinist and an animal lover. I have three dogs and three cats. I definitely don’t consider myself a cat lady, but I do love my cats because they’re funnier and more intelligent than most people. Plus they make handsome throw rugs and door stops. When you walk into my house, you wouldn’t think, “Wow, this girl loves animals.” It’s just a normal house with a neutral couch, a throw pillow or two, paintings, some family photos, candles, plants, some bookshelves, a TV, etc. Nothing really out of the ordinary except a music stand and one really fat cat in particular that does not appear to be domestic but more like the result of a hippo-panther porn film.

Someone in my extended family, who shall remain nameless, found the PERFECT (in another dimension) birthday gift for me. It is a large, stuffed fake cat (as opposed to a real stuffed cat, because that would be even sicker). This isn’t any ordinary stuffed cat. It is covered in musical print. That’s right. Music notes, the occasional treble clef, and quarter rests. Because OBVIOUSLY a violin playing animal lover would LOVE a stuffed cat covered in music, right? Right? No. Not right.

This cat is scary. Its paws are painted on in heart shapes with puffy paint. I didn’t even know puffy paint still existed. I used that stuff when I was in 6th grade to match my tight rolled jeans, bad perm, and Blossom hats. Ok, back to the cat. Its neck and tail are accented with a big gold ribbon. Personally, any of my cats would bite my face off if I ever tried to tie a gold ribbon around its tail. So, anyway, this stuffed cat smells like cigarette smoke. Strongly. Like it has been a chain smoker for a minimum of 23 years. Its eyes look demonic, and its smile reminds me of Alice in Wonderland if you’re hitting the crack pipe. This cat is heavy, and I’m pretty sure there is an entity inside. Looking at it now, it looks like a huge piece of pizza dough that was topped in puffy paint, force fed to a piece of sheet music, thrown up inside a cigarette stand, and then sold in a garage sale by the lucky pimp who found it.

This cat is tagged with “original by JUDYBONE.” This Judybone character is one sick person. She works out of Colorado, assuming that this was a local garage/craft sale purchase by “purchaser in my extended family who shall remain nameless.” In fact, if you trace Judybone, you might just stumble upon Osama bin Laden. She very well could be an Al Qaeda mastermind herself. She probably writes love letters and sends possessed stuffed cats to serial killers on death row. Who knows where this cat has been, really.

I am attaching pictures of the scary cat, as well as one of my hippo-panther porn cat, because I know you’re dying of curiosity now. If you would like to purchase this cat, make me an offer. You must prove to me that you have taken the proper precautions before bringing this cat into your home including having good health insurance for the lung cancer you will most certainly develop from the second hand smoke. You must also have a saved soul because the entity inside this cat is probably looking for a more pleasant smelling host with real teeth and claws that are not made of puffy paint.

CL post submitted by: Hillary Oxley

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Giant Metal Rooster - $70

Giant Metal Rooster from Mexico
Great colors!
Perfect for outdoor decor
Call Emily for this GREAT buy


CL post submitted by: goudakat

bbq - $225

custom charcoal hand made it will last a lifetime

This BBQ was previously used to cremate the remains of ancient Roman babies. Or something like that.

CL post submitted by: Hillary Oxley

Wicker lamp - $15

Working wicker lamp asking $15

A perfect lamp to buried in this coffin:

CL post submitted by: cortny_marie

Horse collar mirror - $50

Horse collar mirror in great condition. Cash only.

Maybe because I'm not a horse person, but these horse collars look vaguely pornographic.

CL post submitted by: cortny_marie

Covered Wagon Bed - $350

This is such a cool bed, It takes you back in time to the old west, with Gas prices the way they are maybe everyone needs one !!! lol : ) its a covered Wagon full sized twin bed its completely covered, has a Flap on the side and is open on the ends just like a real Wagon. Kids love this bed!! Everything is in perfect condition!! This is a very unique item and hard to find!!! it is Very Clean and it does breakdown to move. The top does come off ( so you can wash it or move it) but has metal peices holding the cover on which also come off, the wheels are made of heavy metal( iron) it has a step on the side made of the same metal,
Real/Serious inquiries only! No cashiers checks no money wires, No Scammers
as far as shipping this is a pickup item only, This is a very heavy bed and well made, worth alot more than I am asking
Thanx for Looking have a great day!!

Gee, with gas prices so high these days, wouldn't it be great if we could just hitch this sucker to that horse you got in that photo and ride it on home? Lol!!! :)

CL post submitted by: Cindy Hill

Monday, June 23, 2008


A hand-carved figurine of unknown whitish material. Elegant Chinese women have used this kind of "doll"
to indicate a place of pain or malady to physicians,
who were always men.
The woman was placed under a sheet or material, and,
then the doctor would palpatate her pulse.
The doctor was neither allowed to view, nor,
touch her skin or body.
Often, these women were fully clothed,
while the doctor did his pulse observations.
There are ample and diverse references on this object.

"Ivory or alabaster figurines of this type used to
be standard items in households of the higher classes in
China. Since strict Chinese custom forbade a woman of stat-
station to undress in the doctor's presence, or to all him
to examine her body, the sick lady of the house would use
the model to point out to the doctor the site of her mal

I have three of these lovely ladies, who guarded their owner's honor, and, modesty, but, now, welcome the rest, that they would get, seated, serenely, on a dressing table, or bathroom countertop.
Two and, one quarter inches, high, seated, cross legged,
on her tiny feet.

I had this post sitting unpublished for a while in my blog queue because it was so disturbing. I googled Chinese Medicine Dolls and noticed that this person had just cut and paste the description from another web site about the dolls, but his/her own commentary about the "lovely ladies" guarding their owner's honor and modesty was actually what was most gag-worthy. Those feet are probably so tiny because they were lovingly bound by her master.

CL post submitted by: Hillary Oxley

NEON rock-on sign - $20

Perfectly functional neon rock-on sign. Great for college student or a den. I bought it and took it out of the box once to use. It's about a foot tall including stand. I bought it for 40 dollars so 20 is a steal.

Nothing embodies how hard I rock more than a blue neon rock-on sign.

CL post submitted by: Hillary Oxley.



If I found this in a thrift store, I would buy this thing immediately. No joke.

CL post submitted by Hillary Oxley